Welcome to the world of Stoppa!
The evil giant machines have taken all the life in this planet.
You are the only survivor!
Use your power of stopping time to manipulate objects around you, go across the 5 Areas and defeat bosses one by one to restore the life in the world.

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  • 50 Levels full of traps and puzzles.

  • 5 (or more?) powerfull Bosses.

  • 50 challenging Missions.

  • Unlockable items: 50 Headgears, 5 Skins, Music and 2 cool Minigames.

  • Customization: Choose a Headgear, a Skin, draw your own Faces and save or load Character Templates.

  • Ranking: The less time you take to clear a level, the more stars you get!

  • Boss challenge: Rematch unlocked Bosses to get better total times.

  • You can play only by using a Mouse.

  • You can play using a Mouse and a Keyboard together.

  • You can play using a Xbox One Controller.

Stop time

anytime. You don't control yourself, but the state of time!

Manipulate objects

while time is stopped to dodge traps, solve puzzles and reach the goal line!

Customize yourself

by choosing your skin, a headgear and even draw your very own faces!

Xbox One controller compatible

to enhance the game experience!